About Us

Heartwood College of Art is committed to the concept of art as a conversation. This conversation is a form of self-expression that blooms much more surely and joyfully with the support and feedback of fellow artists.

Within a community of artists–both teachers and students–an exhilarating sustainable energy generates new ideas, new dialogues, new horizons. Art does not exist in a vacuum.
Heartwood is founded on the concept that our rich heritage of craftsmanship has a vital relationship with modern artistic expression, that an exploration of native, regional crafts empowers the artist from deep creative sources. Art flourishes from roots of historical continuity and within cultural contexts.
Heartwood, like much of the world, honors the vital energy flow between craftsperson and artist, function and form, the practical and aesthetic. Masai body paint, Zuni pottery, African drums, Andean weavings are not merely decorative. Art crosses boundaries, breaks down barriers and bridges differences. It creates a common ground for people of the world to celebrate a universal human community. Art is a basic human need.
Heartwood College of Art offers to you a talented faculty of artists who are committed to the concept that art must not be isolated from the community, from continuity, or from necessity. We celebrate art as fundamental to the joy of living. We recognize the artist as a leader in the life-giving expression of the human conversation.
Finally, Heartwood celebrates creative life itself. We are the material we have been given to work with, the real works in progress. Our challenge is to expand our awareness of the beauty that surrounds us and is us. I invite you to consider joining the world’s conversation with the extraordinary vocabulary of art.